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Flahive’s Strength Training is the leading fitness and athlete’s performance facility in the Northwest Chicagoland area. Flahive’s philosophy and facility was meticulously designed to help our Flahive Family reach their goals in the fastest, safest, most efficient way possible. Each of our programs provide the coaching and environment necessary to guide our members to achieve success.

Flahive’s Adult Programs provide a complete, done-for-you workout program and coaching to help busy men and women reach all their fitness and body composition goals. Our programs create a support system to create accountability, consistency, and sustainability to achieve long term success. We use proven training systems to help our clients burn fat, build lean muscle, and give them the energy & confidence they need to power through their busy days!

Flahive’s Athlete Programs create a high energy, competitive, & supportive environment for athletes to help push themselves to success. Each program is individually created to fit the needs of the athlete to enhance athletic performance by increasing speed, strength, and athleticism. The pace and design of each workout gives our athletes the mental edge they need to take their game to the next level. An athlete really looking to improve needs more than just “general” workouts, and FAST provides that. We use the most efficient methods to guarantee the fastest and safest results possible.


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