Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator

Posted: 02/18/2021

Under the supervision of Manager Community Relations Outreach and Enrollment, O&E Coordinator is responsible for coordinating various Affordable Care Act (ACA) related community outreach and enrollment activities. O&E Coordinator will work to provide outreach opportunities for community residents who lack access to healthcare and health insurance, provide enrollment and application follow-up assistance and build/strengthen enrollment collaborations with local partner organizations. 
Outreach (40%):

  1. Distribute outreach materials to patients, community members, partner organizations and businesses to build coverage option awareness.
  2. Develop, discover and attend community events in order to promote coverage options and the mission and services of the organization.
  3. Collaborate with various local organizations to build awareness of coverage options, spur enrollment and build referral linkages.
  4. Disseminate health center information at different community events, local businesses, community based organizations and other healthcare providers.
  5. Communicate and coordinate all community outreach activities with immediate supervisor.
Enrollment (60%):
  1. Participate in all required federal and state trainings related to ACA outreach and enrollment
  2. Acquire and maintain state In Person Counselor (IPC) license.
8.      Acquire and maintain Certified Application Counselor (CAC) certification.
9.   Communicate with AHSFHC uninsured patients to assess their needs and enroll them in state Application for Benefit Eligibility (ABE) or ACA Marketplace.
  1. Provide enrollment assistance (including but not limited to completing coverage applications, gathering required documentation and troubleshooting the enrollment process) for uninsured children and adults to access subsidized, low-cost and free health insurance programs through the health insurance marketplace, Medicaid and the All Kids program.
  2. Provide structured patient education on health coverage, engage in follow-up conversations and offer renewal assistance for enrolled individuals.
  3. Attend and successfully complete all required training programs; participate in ongoing conference calls, webinars/seminars and other professional development opportunities.
  4. Accurately provide required reporting to track goal achievement and client satisfaction.
  5. In collaboration with the supervisor recruit and utilize volunteers to increase program capacity.
  6. Assist in the development and implementation of organizational outreach and enrollment initiatives.
  7. Work with the AHSFHC management to overall increase and optimize health center productivity utilizing O&E activities.
  8. Meet with supervisor on weekly basis and report all activities to the clinic director
  9. Expectations: A minimum of 700 individuals to be enrolled in a given twelve month period.
  10. Keep supervisor informed of the daily schedule
  11. Enrollment clients in other state and federal programs i.e. SNAP, Medicaid, MPE, County Care, CASA Assistance etc.
  12. Other duties as assigned
Associate's or Bachelor's degree preferred; High School diploma or equivalent required.
  • Minimum two year outreach experience in community health setting.
  • Need to commute in his/her personal car for outreach activities. Need to purchase liability insurance for the car and provide proof of insurance to human resources on a regular basis.
  • Experience with general office software (Microsoft office, Excel etc)
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Good written and verbal communications skills