Medical Assistant and Contact Tracer

Posted: 11/19/2020

Department Function: Provide contact tracing and investigate Covid-19 positive patients. Medical Assistant responsibilities are an essential part of this position.  
Summary of position: Under supervision, persons in this position will be conducting case interviews & contact tracing for individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID- 19.  Also performs duties as a Medical Assistant. 
Essential Duties:

  • Gather disease information from diagnosed individuals and assess disease symptomatology.
  • Provide guidance to individuals on self-isolation, including review of required monitoring procedures.
  • Assess individuals’ needs that may compromise successful self-isolation.
  • Collect information for all potentially exposed contacts of diagnosed individuals.
  • Notify contacts with prolonged close contact to index cases and link to appropriate support services, such as testing and supportive services through quarantine.
  • Utilize an approved script for conducting the case interview, contact elicitation, and contact notification.
  • Assess needs of index cases and contacts alike to link to appropriate pre-determined referral system.
  • Track and record all required data in approved data collection system.
  • Identify and elevate information to supervisor about complex cases and/or settings that may require enhanced attention (e.g., congregate settings, healthcare worker, etc.).
  • Maintain daily contact with supervisor.
Additional duties:
  • Prepare patients for physician visits by recording chief complaint, brief history, vital signs
  • Assists with exams, tests, routine screenings, and other clinical procedures as directed by the physician
  • Inspect exam rooms for cleanliness and ensure that the equipment is in working order
  • Prepare and administer medications with physician’s authorization
  • Change dressing, apply bandages, assist in removing sutures and other first aid procedures
  • Performs phlebotomy
  • Collect and dispense lab specimens
  • Screen and follow up on test results
  • Maintain supplies, equipment, stocking and sterilizing instruments
  • Dispose of biohazard waste according to OSHA standards
  • Provide patient education regarding office policies, medications, management of disease, home treatment, and special diets
  • Administer, keep a tally, and document immunizations in binders/electronically
  • Comply with the immunization program (VFC) requirements.
  • Ensure complete and accurate documentation, appropriate filing, and completion of medical records before filing.
  • Triage emergency calls, pharmacy calls, and respond as per the physician’s instructions.
  • Follow through on assigned tasks with physicians daily
  • Greet and escort patients to exam rooms and cashier upon visit.
  • Coordinate referrals with hospitals, testing labs and other service providers
  • Maintain documentation and log of sample medication closet
  • Attend staff and educational meetings
  • 5. Orient the patients to the policies and procedures of the health center in timely manner
  • Maintain appropriate documentation and up to date medical records
  • Process mail and pending charts of the physicians including but not limited to lab pending
  • Manage and facilitate/maintain physicians schedule, travel and lunch times
  • Assist other health department staff with non-English/limited-English speaking patients
  • Flexibility in assuming duties in the front office and medical records
  • Other duties may be assigned and not limited to the above
Minimum Qualifications
  • High School Diploma required
  • Medical Assistant certification or diploma required
  • 2+ years’ experience working in a clinic setting
  • Asian language proficiency is preferred
Additional Qualifications:
  1. Experience with general office software (Microsoft Word, spreadsheets and EMR)
  2. Experience with Athena and Dentrix Ascend systems
  3. Provide services in courteous and pleasant manner
  4. Ability to put the patient at ease, make the patients visit smooth
  5. Knowledge of OSHA specific infection control guidelines 
General Skills:
  1. Maintain personal grooming appropriate to the health care profession
  2. Maintain good work habits:
    1. Function within the Medical Assistant’s scope of practice
    2. Accept constructive criticism with a positive attitude
    3. Regular and punctual attendance
    4. Show initiative and responsibility
    5. Exercise efficient time management
    6. Organize and ability to multi-task
  3. Patient relationships
    1. Approach patients in a professional manner
    2. Adapt communications to individual’s ability to understand
    3. Maintain confidentiality (HIPAA guidelines)
  4. Staff relationships
    1. Work as a team member
    2. Show leadership
    3. Follow established policies and procedures
  5. Communicate effectively verbally and in writing
  6. Use medical terminology appropriately
Physical Requirements and Working Environment:
  • Frequent walking, standing, bending.  Frequently work in a seated position at a desk.
  • Respond and react immediately to verbal instructions/requests and to auditory signals from equipment and personnel.
  • Physically close and distance visual activities involving objects, persons, and paperwork, as well as discriminate depth and color perception.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, using appropriate grammar, vocabulary, word usage, and interpersonal skills.
  • Typing and computer skills needed to process and submit reports.