Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer/Illinois Wise Women Program - Receptionist and Data Entry Clerk

Posted: 02/18/2021

Under direction of IBCCP/IWP Coordinator, IBCCP/IWP data-entry & billing clerk is responsible for doing data-entry for enrolled IBCCP/IWP clients in the state Cornerstone system.  This includes, but not limited to, client’s health assessment information, demographics, and billing data accurately and in a timely manner. The staff also works with other IBCCP/IWP team members to provide support in the delivery of patient care, through clerical and health-educational services to patients and their family members.
General Skills:

  1. Work Habits
    1. Function within IBCCP/IWP programs and clinic’s scope of practices
    2. Regular and punctual attendance
    3. Show initiative and responsibility
    4. Be effective and productive in all areas of work
    5. Organized and able to multi-task
    6. Accept constructive criticism with a positive attitude
    7. Maintain personal grooming appropriate to the health-care profession
  2. Patient & staff relationships
    1. Approach patients in a professional manner
    2. Adapt communications to individual’s ability to understand
    3. Maintain confidentiality (HIPAA guidelines)
    4. Work as a team member
  3. Communicate effectively verbally and in writing
  4. Use medical terminology appropriately
  5. Use electronic medical health record systems such as Athena and Cornerstone to track and bill clients’ IBCCP/IWP services 
Administrative Duties:
  1. Register patients according to IBCCP/IWP protocols in Cornerstone system
  2. Assist patients in completing and collecting required forms for IBCCP/IWP programs as needed.
  3. Process and scan new and established IBCCP/IWP applications in Cornerstone or Athena appropriately and accurately.
  4. Attend trainings and staff meetings as required.
  5. Ensure patients’ data, demographics, and bills are entered correctly and in a timely manner.
  6. Assist IBCC/IWP health educators in scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and calling clients for follow-up, as needed.
  7. Call to reschedule patients that have not shown up and remind patients of their appointments, as needed.
  8. Provide interpretation/translation as needed.
  9. Communicate effectively with the clinic staff regarding patient data-entry information and services offered.
  10. Ensure that data-entry and documentation notes are up-to-date in Athena and Cornerstone systems.
  11. Follow the clinic appointment scheduling protocol, employee handbook, and IBCCP/IWP policy & procedure manuals.
  12. Facilitates efficient workflow, supports appropriate use of technology and fosters effective communication to fulfill organizations mission.
  13. Other duties as assigned  
  1. Bi-lingual individual (Spanish or Asian language)
  2. Be courteous, polite, and helpful at all times
  3. Respect and maintain confidentiality of the patients
  4. Excellent telephone skills and a customer service etiquette
  5. Ability to interact effectively in supporting manner with patients of all backgrounds
  6. Person must be math literate, organized and detailed oriented
  7. Perform other duties as assigned 
  1. Bilingual - Spanish or Asian language
  2. Familiarity with medical terminology preferred
  3. Be able to work full-time
  4. Past/current experience with medical electronic health record system or any computerized work 
  1. High School diploma minimum. College education preferred
  2. Past/current experience in a healthcare setting
  3. Experience with general office software (Microsoft Word, and spreadsheets and internet)  
Physical Requirements and Working Environment: 
  • Frequently work in a seated position at a desk, frequent walking.
  • Respond and react immediately to verbal instructions/requests and to auditory signals from equipment and personnel.
  • Physically close and distance visual activities involving objects, persons, and paperwork, as well as discriminate depth and color perception.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, using appropriate grammar, vocabulary, word usage, and interpersonal skills.
  • Typing and computer skills needed to process applications, and to communicate with personnel.