Dental Assistant

Posted: 03/25/2021

Under the general supervision of a dentist in a clinical setting, assists the dentist in providing dental treatment and other tasks as determined by the dentist or dental director. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepares and maintains dental instruments, supplies and equipment, prepares the operatory for the patient visit.
  • Seats the patient in chair and explains procedures to be performed.  Collects records; patient health histories, etc.
  • Drapes patient with protective linens and sets up instrument tray containing instruments, suction, gauze, and other required supplies.
  • Prepares dental materials- cements, composites, impression materials, etc.
  • Takes and prepares radiographs using digital technology and following proper radiation safety precautions.
  • Assists with dental charting as appropriate.
  • Assists in the prevention and management of dental emergencies.
  • Manages the patient during dental procedures.
  • Provides active chair side assistance; transfers instruments as appropriate for four-handed dentistry; anticipates the dentist’s needs. 
  • Take impressions for study casts, athletic mouth guards, and custom trays.  Performs laboratory procedures neatly and efficiently.  Pours models with no bubbles, properly trims models, polish dental prostheses, make vac-u-form appliances.
  • At the conclusion of the procedure, assists the patient, clears work site of instruments and other materials, follows proper infection control protocols and prepares the operatory for the next patient.
  • Performs, monitors, and records all sterilization activities.
  • Maintains proper aseptic techniques necessary with dental equipment; maintains and properly sterilizes instruments.
  • Routinely cleans, disinfects, and restocks operatories.
  • Scans reception room for patients and helps to manage patient flow.
  • Maintain and inventory dental supplies and reorders as necessary; track and verify invoices.
  • Clean and sterilize all instruments, help to manage the dental office infection control plan to meet OSHA, CDC, and ADA standards.
  • Performs miscellaneous duties within the dental program as assigned. 
Additional Performance Expectations- Certified Dental Assistants
  • Polish the patient’s teeth to remove stains and soft deposits.
  • Apply topical fluoride and varnishes.
  • Apply pit and fissure sealants.
  • Remove surgical sutures.
  • Pre-select orthodontic bands.
  • Place and remove orthodontic bands.
  • Adapt and fabricate temporary crowns.
  • Place topical medications.
  • Remove excess cement from fabricated temporaries and orthodontic bands.
Physical Requirements and Working Environment:
  • Work involves considerable exposure to unusual elements such as extreme temperatures, unpleasant odors, and/or loud noises.
  • Moderate physical activity.  Requires handling average-weight objects up to 15-20 lbs, assisting with patients and standing/walking most of the day.
  • Will work with blood or blood-borne pathogens and will require OSHA training.
  • Work environment involves exposure to potentially dangerous materials and situations that require following extensive safety precautions and may include the use of protective equipment.
Knowledge, Skills, Behavioral and Technical Qualities
  • Ability to set up and prepare dental equipment and instrumentation in accordance with established regulation and guidelines.
  • Ability to manage the dental office infection control plan to meet OSH, CDC, ADA standards.
  • Maintains and expands current level of dental assistant skill and knowledge by periodically attending continuing education programs.
  • Is a team player.
  • Accepts and offers guidance and supervision as appropriate.
  •  Attends and participates in staff meetings to review team progress in meeting financial and productivity goals for the dental program. 
Education/Licensure Requirements:
  • Certification in dental assisting is preferred
  • Two year experience working in the dental clinic is preferred
  • Must have high school diploma or GED
  • CPR certification required.