Inclusion Program Assistant (Part-Time)

Who is M-NASR?
Located just north of Chicago, The Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation (M-NASR) has been providing recreational programs and services to individuals with disabilities since 1972. M-NASR is an extension of the park districts of Morton Grove, Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Skokie, Niles, Golf-Maine, and the Village of Lincolnwood Parks and Recreation Department. M-NASR provides skill development opportunities for staff such as leadership, problem solving, and planning to name a few. We also provide a fun work environment with flexible schedules. In addition to M-NASR’s weekly programs and special events, M-NASR also works with our member districts to provide Inclusion services in their programs to individuals that need it.

Immediate Supervisor: Inclusion Manager

*Hourly Pay: $13.50-16.50 + Dependent on Experience
*Location: Staff can work in any of our seven park district communities

Job Purpose:
The Inclusion Companion is responsible for working with individuals with varied ages and disabilities in recreational programs throughout Skokie, Morton Grove, Niles, Park Ridge, Golf-Maine, and Des Plaines as well as The Village of Lincolnwood Recreation Department. The position includes hands on support of participants, recognizing the need for adaptive equipment, adapting rules, adapting the environment or identifying adaptive methodologies.

Qualifications: The Inclusion Companion must be at least 16 years of age or older and is required to do an annual Driver Abstract. A basic knowledge and understanding of recreation programming is desired. An individual who is highly motivated and enthusiastic is preferred in order to provide a quality experience for those participating in the program.

Essential Functions (including, but not limited to) :
1. Responsible for maintaining one-on-one assistance for included participant as his/her number one priority
2. Staff is required to maintain responsibility for his/her assigned included individual unless otherwise directed and confirmed by the Inclusion Manager or M-NASR full-time staff (supervise included individual that staff has been assigned)
3. Develop rapport with included individual and attend to his/her physical needs when necessary
4. Provide and plan activities for included individual with disabilities, if he/she is unable to accomplish provided activities by Member Park District
5. Ability and desire to work with individuals with disabilities in a Therapeutic Recreation environment
6. Take initiative to interact with and work as a team-player with participant and family, peers, volunteers and staff in program
7. Knowledge of the strengths and concerns of people with developmental, mental, physical, and sensory disabilities as relevant to recreation setting
8. Act as a liaison with participant’s family and Inclusion Manager
9. Supervision of individuals including physical restraining as an absolute last resort if CPI trained
10. Attend mandatory orientations

Marginal Functions:
1. Maintain the program facility in a neat and orderly manner
2. Complete feedback forms, documentation, inclusion placements and other materials as needed, on a daily/weekly basis
3. Maintain own schedule and submit timesheet in a timely fashion as guided by the annual payroll schedule
4. Any other task or responsibility the immediate supervisor may require

Safety Considerations:
1. Staff will comply with all M-NASR Safety Policies and Procedures and carry out all tasks in a
safe manner
2. Attendance at various safety in-services will be required at M-NASR and Member Park

Psychological Considerations:
1. Must be able to respond to needs of individuals with disabilities
2. Must be able to work under stressful conditions
3. Must demonstrate adequate leadership qualities

Environmental Considerations:
1. May be exposed to extreme weather conditions (i.e. during damp seasons, rain and heat)
2. May be exposed to hazardous vegetation (i.e. poison ivy) during activities
3. May work with flammable material

Cognitive Considerations:
1. Must be able to demonstrate good problem-solving ability, safety awareness and judgment in
keeping with the mission of M-NASR
2. Must be able to follow rules and directions

Essential Physical Capabilities:
1. Prolonged periods of sitting, standing, bending, stooping, walking and running
2. Good vision
3. Good hearing at conversation levels
4. Good general health
5. Good speaking capabilities
6. Capable of lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying items weighing 20-50 pounds with
mechanical assistance or team lift.

Pre-placement Examination:
1. Only required if you are placed in a DCFS Licensed Child Care Facility.

Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation (M-NAR)
Aaron Glickson